Black and white film processing – by hand in small batches.
Hand-made prints – individual prints and editions.
Gelatin-silver, polymergravure and platinum-palladium prints.


Digital negatives for contact processes.
Photoshop editing.
Film scanning from 35mm to 8″ x 10″.


Clamshell portolio cases.
Slip cases.
Screwpost portfolios.

Please email me with details for portfolio case prices.


Eve Arnold
Josh Azzarella
David Bruce
Martin Beckett
John Claridge
Cy DeCosse
Joe Donnelly
Terry Donovan
Beth Dow
Robert Dowling
Lorentz Gullachsen
Terry Gydesen
Nadav Kander
Jim Krantz
Barry Lategan
Randi Lynn Beach
Duncan McNicol
Shawn Michienzi
Marc Norberg
Rondal Partridge
Thomas Rose
Sara Rubenstein
Alec Soth
Paul Spencer
The Imogen Cunningham Trust
David Tack
Xavier Tavera
Mario Testino
The Walker Art Center
Hiroshi Watanabe 

Digital Negatives

8″ x 10″ $50
11″ x 14″ $75
16″ x 20″ $165


Platinum Palladium Prints

Image Size (Up To) First Print Additional Prints*
8″ x 10″ $320 Enquire
11″ x 14″ $400 Enquire
16″ x 20″ $650 Enquire

*Ordered at the same time and from the same negative.
Standard paper is Arches Platine. Others by request.

Black and White Film Processing

35mm & 120 Process Only $12
35mm & 120 Process and Contact Sheet $20
4″ x 5″ Process Only $6
Contact Sheet $10

All film is carefully hand processed in small batches using tanks and reels.
Standard developers include PMK Pyro and HC110. Other developers by request.

Gelatin Silver Prints — Exhibition Quality

8″ x 10″ $110
11″ x 14″ $150
16″ x 20″ $240
Thiocarbamide Toning (Sepia) + 50%

All exhibition quality prints are processed to archival standards using only the highest quality fibre papers — no resin papers.
Prices are for images printed from an original film negative. Silver prints from digital files can be made but require a digital negative. Those prices can be found under the Digital Negatives section above and are in addition to the print prices above.
Standard papers include Ilford, Foma and Adox. Other papers by request.

Inkjet Prints

8″ x 10″ $30
11″ x 14″ $45
16″ x 20″ $65
17″ x 22″ $80

Premium papers only –  Hahnemühle, Moab, Ilford, Canson.


Scanning $60
Hourly Rate $70 per hour
Daily Rate $500 per day


Files should be sized to 360dpi at the final image size and preferably unsharpened.
PSD, TIF or EPS file formats are preferred.
See the File Transfer page for more information on sending files.


The prices listed exclude shipping charges and MN sales tax (where applicable).
Payment can be made by check (made payable to Keith Taylor) or PayPal.
Shipping is via FedEx.

January 2015